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My name is Bret Kantola. My partner is Jackie from Amsterdam where I also lived for a few years in the past. You may recognize us from the Adventures in Europe videos

Jackie and I have been master grower gardeners and cannabis activists for many years. Cannabis as a medicine in all its forms is our passion and teaching about it and helping patients is what we do best.

With legalization and acceptance we have become aware of the lack of good information and have seen many families with patients come to Colorado and find they have a difficult time getting accurate information on where to get it and how to use it.

We will invite patients and students to stay with us and acquire the knowledge to pass on to others in their home areas. For students it will be learning all about the plant from seed planting, to cloning, to harvest and curing. We will teach all the ways to process it into a proper dietary supplement. We will have fun making edibles, tinctures, soap, and of course the life saving oil. We will also focus on diet and lifestyle modification by providing home grown fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, etc., all grown on site. For patients it will be a place to start the high dose oil treatment that has helped so many and learn how to use cannabis in an effective manor. They will also learn about a proper mindset, diet, and lifestyle to help the cannabis work its best. We expect to feature classes taught by gifted teachers from around the globe. They will come and stay with us to share their crafts and talents. We have several very excited to come and be involved.

We have a great plan and a great genetics library to get started with. We have been collecting the high CBD and other medicinal strains for almost 20 years.

Our first step is to raise the seed money needed to launch our project. We will secure a property that we can live and work on. It will have enough space for a greenhouse, large outdoor garden, a bunkhouse that will double as a class room and some cabins for our students and patients. We plan to raise and earn enough funds to acquire the property this summer with a goal of being able to host patients and students before year end.

Jackie currently lives in Amsterdam and will move here permanently as soon as possible. She has been spending a lot of time here over the last 6 years and is ready to make it permanent. Jackie has severe Crohn’s disease and has used cannabis via a doctor’s prescription for almost 20 years. Cannabis saved her life and she is a living testament to it's healing powers. She has become an expert on proper use. She fought for the right to grow and supply her own cannabis and is a hero in the international cannabis community for winning that battle. She has more knowledge about the healing powers then most by far.

I supplied cannabis to patients out of a church basement in Denver long before the first dispensaries opened. It was people like us that made legalization possible.

We have the qualifications. We have the passion and desire. This is a rest of our lives commitment. We are humble people with the information patients and students really need and want to find the best way to help as many as possible.

We just need the seed money to make it happen. We have a complete business plan and are excited about getting this done. We are open to new ideas, potential partners and help of any kind. Please consider all these things and help us raise the three hundred twenty-five thousand we need to launch this project.

Here is an outline of our business plan with expenses and potential earnings. It is a work in progress and will be tweaked as things come together. Again, please help us help others by contributing to our campaign. If you can't donate monetarily, then please share as far and wide as you can. It could help your friends or family in the future.