Business Plan for

Jackie’s Cannabis Sanctuary, a healing retreat


Establish a safe secure peaceful retreat in the Colorado Mountains. Specifically for patients and students to learn about the medicinal and therapeutic benefits of the cannabis plant. This would include, growing and harvesting the plant. Learning how the different strains have different properties. Making the extracts, tinctures, and concentrates for the patients to use. Teaching about healthy diet including a large food-producing garden. Teaching about the spiritual side of using the plant. And much more. We envision guest teachers from all over the world coming to teach their craft.


Paonia, Colorado area.

Paonia is the self-proclaimed capital of farm to table restaurants. It is also home to many small organic farms, fruit tree orchards, and wine producing vineyards. It is in Colorado’s banana belt and protected on both sides by the Elk Mountain range. It has a great alternative lifestyle vibe and a very friendly population of 1600+. Land and homes are still affordable being near the national average whereas much of Colorado is higher then that average due to the popularity of out of state investors and buyers. Once Delta County accepts medical and or recreational cannabis we predict the prices will go up and be equal to the rest of the state.


Property $350,000.00

Improvements $250,000.00

Property would consist of 10 to 20 acres with main house. Assuming 20% down the up front cost for this would be $70,000.00 down and approx. a $1300.00 monthly mortgage payment.

Improvements include building green houses, several cabins, and a bunk house/classroom. Some land improvements including fencing , etc., would round out the improvement costs. This figure is based on Exhibit A. (see below)


Each student or patient would pay $100.00 per day/night. With room for 20+ students and or patients total this could be $2000.00 per day. At a 50% occupancy rate, it would be $1000.00 per day or $30,000.00 per month. At 25% occupancy it is still $15,000.00 a month. With a couple of employee’s, mortgage payment, supplies and upkeep, we expect a positive cash flow almost from the beginning. With crowd funding supplying the Improvements cost there should be a lot of equity in the property from the beginning. We hope to offer stays to some that can't afford it as well. Their stay will be on us as it is the right thing to do.

Goal of Indigogo fund raising campaign should be $325,000.00

Jackie’s Cannabis Sanctuary, a healing retreat.

Exhibit A

Main Property:

3 to 5 bedroom home with multiple bathrooms $350,000.00

It will have a large commercial style kitchen.

And a great room for entertaining guests.

Main property will be paid as indicated, 20% down

And a traditional mortgage of approx. $1,300.00 a month.

Improvement costs:

5 Cabins can be built and furnished for approx. $30,000.00 ea. $150,000.00

These cabins will sleep 4 to 6 and have all important amenities.

2 - 1500 Sq. Ft. Greenhouses to grow both food $30,000.00

and the Sanctuary cannabis.

1 Bunk house/class room for interns and on site employees $55,000.00

This should sleep 5 to 10 people and have men’s and woman’s

bathrooms. It will be two story with sleeping quarters on top and classroom/learning center on the main floor.

Grounds improvements including fencing and out buildings $15,000.00


This is $600,000.00 total for the property and all improvements. We hope to raise just over half to make it happen and will finance the rest through a traditional mortgage.

Some people have asked what will we do if we don't reach our goal. The answer is simple. We will use 100% of the funds collected to make this happen. Worst case is we down size some and start with the property and add the improvements once we are more established. Best case is we raise more then we anticipate which only helps it all to happen faster. No money will be spent on anything except this specific project.